We Got Us Now| Guest Contributor:  Mysonne Linen

Being incarcerated on Father’s day is painful! I myself was incarcerated for 7 of them!

Every one even harder than the last. I remember getting a visit on fathers day from my sons mother and my then 3 year old son . I had the best visit, but when I went back to my cell I cried myself to sleep. Seeing pictures knowing that your child is growing and maturing everyday and youre not  there to guide him/her ,to experience his growth,  To wipe his tears , to just comfort him and assure him everything will be fine! 

I think missing out on your Childs life is truly the worse part of being incarcerated, and Father's day is the peak of that pain. Any man of good moral conscious wants to be a good father! He wants to love and protect his children! You just feel so worthless and unaccomplished. I don't wish that feeling on my worst Enemy!

I now cherish every Father's day! Looking into the eyes of my children knowing there are hundreds of thousands of Father's who aren't able to be with their children . I pray for them and love my children just a little bit more! 


Mysonne, “the General” to his fans, is an independent hip hop artist and criminal justice reform activist from the Bronx, NY.  Known for his introspective style, brutally honest and socially conscious lyrics, this experienced MC proves that struggle can be the catalyst for leadership. Mysonne was picked up for a line-up one day, and a witness misidentified him as the culprit in an armed robbery. Prosecutors offered him a plea deal: five years in prison. But, Mysonne didn't want to accept time for a crime he didn't commit. He went to trial to prove his innocence, and ended up spending seven years in prison.  For Mysonne, his experience compelled him to do more than rap about the social and economic conditions of the ghetto; he came back ready to make change. Mysonne is active in Justice League NYC, organizing and speaking out against biased policing and inequity in the criminal justice system, and he supports the Women’s March by overseeing security for events including the 2017 Women’s March on Washington and the Women’s Convention in Detroit, MI. He has helped lead major demonstrations including the #March2Justice, #NRA2DOJ march that called on both the National Rifle Association and the U.S. Department of Justice to take action on behalf of Philando Castile. Mysonne also mentors incarcerated youth through The Gathering for Justice, an organization founded by Harry Belafonte.