We Got Us Now| Guest Contributor:  William

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Father's day to me means spending time with our dads showing just how much we love and appreciate them. I say this because without our mothers and fathers there's no telling where we would be. So I thank my mom and my dad for being in my life doing the best they can. Growing up I didn't always have my dad with me so I looked up to a lot of other people. Sometimes it was hard for me to go through life knowing I had a father who I didn't know even existed.

Once I met my dad for the first time it was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had and I wouldn’t give it up for nothing in this world so I thank my dad.

Even though me and him didn't spend much time together when I was growing up, I'm grateful to know I met the person who I've heard so much about.


William is a member of the GEN 2050 leadership program that supports youth with incarcerated parents by inspiring them to embrace entrepreneurship, leadership, environmental stewardship, STEM and social responsibility in Miami, FL.