We Got Us Now| Guest Contributor: Samson Styles


Wanting to reach my arms out to physically give my 12 year old son a high five and a hug for making honor roll, or take my teenage daughter on a dinner date, making sure to open all doors and pull out all chairs to show her how a true gentleman should handle her was physically impossible for me to do while I was incarcerated. 

I had to come up with creative strategies to be an effective dad to my five children. Communication through letters, phone calls along with occasional visits was all that was available.  I felt incomplete on all holidays. I wanted to get them bigger presents than just some fancy homemade card from a talented jail house artist. I wanted to do more than order them items from magazines. Holiday after holiday... the same ole thing, and I felt as if I should be doing more as a man and especially as a father. 

When Father's Day came around I felt extremely down and unworthy of all the attention and appreciation my kids would show me. I promised myself upon my release that I would never do anything that would separate me from my children again. I will be a physically present father for the rest of my life. I’ve been holding true to my promises and now when Father's Day comes around I feel deserving and worthy of all the phone calls, presents and attention my children give me. And now that I have a grandson Father's Day has taken on a greater meaning to me... a meaning that represents a true legacy. I can’t describe the feeling of seeing my son who now has a son of his own smile at me while we tell each other Happy Father’s Day. 


Samson Styles is a Director|Producer|Writer|Editor and award-winning broadcast journalist. He has produced 4 documentaries for BET Networks (Locked Out: Ex-Cons & the vote, 50 Shots: Official Street Cat Tackles Police Brutality, Black is Beautiful: The N-Word and Bullets and Ballots: Official Street Cat Goes to Washington) and is also the executive producer of the Brooklyn Girls Fight Club feature documentary. He recently directed his first feature film (Documentary) KILLING BEEF which focuses on gun violence in the Black community.

Samson uses his spare time giving back to deprived communities by speaking to troubled youth and giving training to those that are interested in the field of storytelling. Samson was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY but now resides in Hackensack, NJ with his wife Tyese Styles.