WE GOT US NOW aims to elevate and motivate children and young adults impacted by parental incarceration by showing them that WE are not alone and WE are supported.

Our goal is to partner with and highlight organizations around the country that provide support and opportunity for success to youth impacted by parental incarceration.



WE GOT US NOW spotlights our local community partner, GEN 2050 a leadership program that supports youth with incarcerated parents by inspiring them to embrace entrepreneurship, leadership, environmental stewardship, STEM and social responsibility. The program helmed by Pastor Linda Freeman builds community through peer-to-peer relationships, activities that incorporate critical thinking and empowerment tools for life-long lessons. 


WE GOT US NOW partner, GEN 2050 has developed an alumni of youth impacted by parental incarceration as certified Beekeepers. Pictured here are GEN 2050 alumni beekeeping apprentices inspecting the hives to ensure the bees are safe. 



Environmental stewardship 

WE GOT US NOW partner, GEN 2050 educates their youth about the importance of environmental stewardship - the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices - through agriculture and farming. Pictured here: GEN 2050 youth tending to their garden.